Wellingtonia in Arboretum coastal redwood in arboretum
Coastal Redwood
beech tree in arboretum ash tree in arboretum
Beech Tree
Ash Tree

Arboretum entrance

James Aitken Arboretum

The Arboretum has been made possible through a bequest by the late James Aitken. For full story go to the History page.

The entrance to the Arboretum, beside the Jubilee Car Park, is marked with a stone feature and a large interpretation board that describes the history and plans for the Arboretum.

There were already some fine specimen trees on the site including some magnificent Wellingtoniae and new trees have been planted for future generations. The latter are enclosed in deer proof fences to protect them in their early years The locations of these trees and the plans for the future are shown in the maps. 

The theme of the Arboretum is "From the Forest to the Garden". As well as large exotic conifers the Arboretum will feature groups of smaller trees of a size which can be planted in a normal garden. In the first phase of planting collections of betula (birch) and of sorbus (including rowans) have been included. Shrubs will also also be planted throughout the site.

In early summer of 2005 a proposed layout was drawn up with a path winding through the wood up the hill. The plan was designed by Sally Rickett, a landscape architect with the Perth & Kinross Council and is on display in the Jubilee Car Park besides the Arboretum site.

In 2009 a further design by Sue Allan has been drawn up for future tree planting and an enhancement to the entrance.

Paths have been carefully laid to help visitors view the dfferent species. These start from the Jubilee car park and wend their way up the hill meandering among the tress. Visitors can see the old and the new plantings without getting their feet muddy!

Organisations involved with the Arboretum are Forestry Commission Scotland , the Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust (along with the Big Tree Country), the Perth & Kinross Council Countryside Rangers Service, the Perthshire Society of Natural Science and the Kinnoull Hill Users Group.

However, the Arboretum is a local community project and is entirely funded by donations. If you feel you can help with a donation or provide some service or equipment for free to help set up the Arboretum please get in touch.

For maps of the layout of the Arboretum click here.