path winding through trees wooden sculpture of badger by tree
Many miles of pleasant walks in the woods to follow and an arboretum to visit Look out for the wooden sculptures of wildlife found all over the hill
entrance to Arboretum general view of the woods
The Arboretum with examples of trees which you can grow in your own garden The Park is managed by Perth and Kinross Council and Forestry Commission Scotland

The Woodland Park is used by people for many different types of activity.

There are dog walkers and there are people who walk for exercise or to enjoy the open air and the wild life. And the wildlife includes red (and grey) squirrels, jays and even ravens as well as the common woodland birds. There are roe deer and occasional red deer have been seen.

Trees include oak, ash, beech, rowan as well as many conifers such as Norway spruce and Scots pine. Shrubs of many varieties abound.

There are keep-fit joggers and other runners who train by regularly following the track to the top of hill. Tayside Orienteers often hold events on the hill to test their skills.

Some people come with families just because the hill is there and to marvel at the view from the top. Familes with children should take great care as there are sheer drops at the cliff edge.

Horse riders use the Park and there are some bridle tracks criss-crossing the hillsides.

There are also facilities for mountain bike riders over in the Forestry Commission part of the Park on the slopes of Deuchny Hill.

But despite all these uses the Woodland Park is usually a quiet place where visitors can enjoy countryside on their own.

Or why not explore some areas of special interest in the Woodland Park - such as the Sites of Scientific Interest or the Bronze Age Fort.