Guidance on donating to the James Aitken Arboretum

The James Aitken Arboretum welcomes dedications, memorials and sponsorship from a wide range of interests to help support the development of the Arboretum.   All money given will go directly to the development, enhancement and maintenance of the Arboretum.

Such gifts can come in many forms which may include:

  • Memorials – a gift made in respect of the passing of a loved one
  • Sponsorship – a gift made in order to support the Arboretum, usually associated with an ongoing element
  • Dedication – a gift made in respect of a notable occasion, or success (such as birth, marriage or graduation)
  • Bequests – larger gifts, usually made in the form of a Last Will and Testament, associated with a specific project or element.

It is recognised that this is an area which is personal and can be emotionally sensitive and the information here is to help give guidance as to what those gifts might be and what they might cost.

  • A minimum donation of £20 is suggested. However donations of any size are welcomed.
  • Donations will be recognised publicly via the Kinnoull Hill Users Group website – . No recognition of donations will be placed on site in the Arboretum; no plaques or other memorial features will be installed. Any such features placed on site will be removed.
  • A scheme of costs has been developed to be indicative of the costs of various aspects of the management and development of the Arboretum.
  • In no way does the scheme of costs suggest that an individual can sponsor a feature or activity. All donations will be used toward the general running of the Arboretum. However, the scheme of costs below gives an indication of what a particular level of support might help to achieve.
£20 5 ‘whips’ (young trees) supplied and planted
£50 Maintenance costs for one enclosure for one year
£100 A small individual tree
£250 A specimen larger tree
£500 The formation of an enclosure for planting
£1000 Arboretum maintenance costs for one year
£1500 Production of an interpretative panel
£2000 Purchase, installation and maintenance for a 20
year period of a bench
£5000 - £10000 Design and installation of 250m – 500m of a path
  • For donations or bequests in excess of £10,000 the Committee will be happy to discuss the use of the money for a specific element, project or area of development if this is desired.
  • Anyone wishing to make a gift is encouraged to look at the Arboretum Management Plan and Development Plans on the Kinnoull Hill Users Group website –  
    These documents detail the planned areas and scope of future works, such as planting schedules and landscaping projects as well as indicating the costs and associated budgets for these proposals.
  • Gifts are received by the Kinnoull Hill Woodland Park Users Group which is a registered charity. As such it is possible to reclaim tax on donations under a scheme called Gift Aid. In order to do so, a short form is required to be completed along with your donation.
  • Once a gift is made it cannot be refunded.
  • Each year, an account will be presented to the Kinnoull Hill Users Group that identifies income received via donations and details of spending from this account. Any person having made a gift may ask to see this account.

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