Sitka Spruce

The Sitka Spruce, comes from a similar distribution to Western Hemlock - from southern Alaska to northern California, on the islands and coastal plain. Trees over 700 years old have been recorded and they come third in the table of the tallest trees. Picea sitchensis was discovered by Archibald Menzies in 1792 at Puget Sound and introduced by David Douglas in 1831. It belongs to the Pinaceae. This is another conifer which Sir John Stirling-Maxwell experimented with. (See Abies procera.) Sitka spruce was one of his successes for upland planting and is the most frequently planted forest tree in Britain where it thrives in moist but well drained soils from sea level to upland areas. The oldest plantings in Perthshire are at Murthly Castle and at Scone and there are many trees recorded at over 200' tall.