Noble Fir

The Noble Fir was discovered by David Douglas in Oregon in 1827 and introduced by him in 1830. Its range is from Washington to North California. from western USA. It belongs to the Pinaceae. Abies procera is useful in forestry in cooler areas and is also much admired as an ornamental tree, gaining the Award of Garden Merit in 1984. The needles are densely set along the shoot. The erect cylindical cones are up to 10" long and 3" in diameter, purple-brown and with excerted green bracts when the cones are young. It is an estate tree for it will grow to 80' and more. From the 1890's Sir John Stirling-Maxwell planted several plots of Noble Fir during his experiments with conifers suitable for upland planting at Corrour Estate, on the fringe of Rannoch Moor at 1000' and found it grew well in moist but well drained soils. Abies procera produces good boards for general carpentry with a smooth satiny finish. .