Grand Fir

The Grand or Giant Fir was introduced by David Douglas in 1830 from western North America. It belongs to the Pinaceae. It ranges from the north of Vancouver Island to North California and in the adjacent Cascade and Rockie mountains. Originally planted in County Waterford in Ireland and at Lochanhead, Dumfries in 1835 and later at Murthly Castle near Perth in 1852. There are three recorded trees from Diana's Grove at Blair Atholl, and at Abercairney and Cultoquhey, all in Perthshire, dating from 1861. Abies grandis is a fast growing, elegant conifer which is used as a decorative tree as well as in commercial forestry. Its timber is not of the highest quality and is used for boxes, crates and pallets. The leaves are in flat two-ranked rows and the undersurface has two conspicuous white stomatal rows. The leaves smell of orange..