Douglas Fir

photo of douglas fir

The Douglas Fir, was first discovered by Archibald Menzies in 1792 but was not till 1827 that it was introduced by David Douglas. Appropriately both Perthshire men are commemorated in the specific and common names. The Douglas Fir is one of the mainstays in Scottish forestry. It is an important, elegant, stately tree and is widely planted in estates. Several of Douglas's introductions are still alive and well at Scone Arboretum, Dawyck Botanic Garden near Peebles and Drumlanrig estate near Dumfries. The Douglas Fir is the tallest recorded tree in Britain in 2006 at 210' (64m) in Reelig Glen in Invernessshire. The tallest extant tree, at 328' (100m) grows in Oregon and appropriately is its tree symbol.